Summer 2017 Flute Lessons:

7 lessons (plus $25 studio fee) = total $200

June 8th - August 4th

Registration Deadline is May 20th!

(late registration fee $15)

There are 9 weeks to have 7 lessons. You can choose which week

you will not be able to have lessons. I try to be more flexible in the

summer months and if you are unable to have 7 weeks, lessons can

be combined to make longer lessons in order to complete the 3.5

hrs of private instruction. Please do remember that FaceTime and

Skype lessons are available. Many of you have tried this, and it

works great! If you will be out of town or even out of the country for

the summer, you can still have lessons. Summer lessons are

important to keep each student’s level up so we can start in the fall

moving forward instead of reviewing or relearning.


Hernando - (my house) Tuesdays, Wednesdays,

Contact Jennifer Whitehead at

subject line - summer lessons